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Our volunteers are an integral part of our exciting sale. Volunteers are needed to work before, during and after the sale. You can volunteer for as little as 3 hours. As a volunteer you get the great benefit of shopping BEFORE consignors and BEFORE we open to the general public as well as you will receive $10 in LBJ cash to use at the presale!

Enjoy all of the benefits of volunteering with Little Beans Jeans. 
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  1. Work before the sale for as little as 3 hours. Volunteers will help check in merchandise during consignor drop off, arrange products on the sales floor and sort clothing before the sale.
  2. Work during the sales for as little as 3 hours. During the sale, volunteers will help maintain order on the sales floor, help with door prizes, check receipts and assist on the sales floor as needed.
  3. Work after the sale for as little as 3 hours. Help sort unsold items for pick-up and assist with wrapping up the end of the sales event.

*Note: Only volunteers are allowed to attend the "Volunteer Presale". For safety reasons we ask that you do not bring children to the presale event. If you commit yourself to volunteer by signing up to a time slot but later cannot work those hours, immediately contact us and/or find a replacement to work your slot. If you find a replacement, please contact us to provide us with his/her name. Otherwise, you will forfeit your opportunity to volunteer at future sales, as well as you "presale volunteer pass".


​If you volunteer, you will be invited to the Volunteer Presale!

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