Little Beans Jeans Events can help your organization to earn money through the sale of gently used items. Items donated to  your organization can be sold under one consignor account managed by your organization, earning 70% of each items selling price. Your organization's only responsibility is to promote the event to your members and have your items tagged before the sale. Professional flyers are provided for distribution to promote the event.

​It's a win-win for your organization because you are able to raise funds without a drain on your financial or human resources and the community benefits from having a wealth of gently used items finding longer and useful life spans with other local families.

Little Beans Jeans offers online inventory tracking, so consignors can see what is selling and when. drop off is convenient and consignors can either pick-up unsold items at the end of the sale or they can donate to our selected non-profit organization. Two weeks after the event ends, your organization gets a check!

​We are thrilled at the possibility of reaching out to more families in the tri-county area and hope that you will consider partnering with us this year for a unique fundraising opportunity.

Please contact us if you would like more information about fundraising.

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